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Essential Oils Surrey offers a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, using essential oils to support physical, mental and emotional balance. ​
The service includes expert guidance on oil selection, benefits and use, all tailored to the individual and their needs. Consultations will also include advice on further support including nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle.
New to essential oils? Read on…

What are they?

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds derived from plants which have a deep history of healing due to their therapeutic properties. The oils aids plant survival, helping it fighting disease, heal wounds and attract pollinators.

What do they do?

The oils work holistically to heal and balance the body, mind and spirit. Each with its own unique chemistry and properties that produce pharmacological, physiological and psychological effects on the human body.

How do they work?

Chemicals in a scent can trigger powerful physiological responses, due to the release of neuro-chemicals which bring about a change in our mental state. The chemical molecules enter the body through inhalation, the skin or ingestion. Once in the blood stream, they will travel to the relevant body system to support function and homeostasis.

Application & use


Experiencing the aroma of the oil by diffusing in an essential oil diffuser, inhaling a drop from hands or wearing as a personal fragrance.


Absorption into the skin through application to targeted areas, massage and skincare regimes.


Internal use circulating the entire body. Add a couple of drops to your drink, under the tongue or in a veggie capsule.