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Don’t Stress It.

Don’t Stress It.

Hands up if you experience feelings of stress from time to time? I imagine we can all agree on this one, especially in light of the current circumstances we are living in…

When our bodies experience stress, the body goes into ‘flight or fight’ mode in prep for survival. Once the stress has been managed, the body’s systems return to normal. However, in today’s society, our daily stressors go beyond this innate function and we are now experiencing ‘episodic acute stress’ which keeps our bodies on constant high alert. Stress, directly linked to the sympathetic nervous system, puts a break on other systems not required in the response such as our reproductive and digestive systems, so it’s no wonder stress has a significant impact on our wider health.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there…our mental state too plays a key role in all this. Psychoneuroimmunology is a new relatively new discipline which studies how thoughts can influence the brain and health cells in the body; its philosophy being that ‘we are what we think’. Happy, level mindsets exert a positive influence on life and health, whereas negative emotions act like self-inflicted wounds which effectively close down the immune system posing risks to disease.

You are probably wondering “is there any light at the end of this tunnel?”…indeed there is and here is comes…

Essential oils give us the power to regain the balance we need following a stress response due to their range of therapeutic effects which include:


Help alleviate spasms or convulsions caused by nervous tension. This includes essential oils such as clary sage, lavender and sweet marjoram.


Tone and strengthen the nerves. There are two types;

  1. Sedative nervines – reduce stress and tension and promote relaxation; includes lavender, bergamot and roman chamomile.
  2. Stimulant nervines – strengthen the overall nervous system, effective for severe stress, shock or nervous debility; includes vetiver, peppermint and basil.


Help to induce sleep; includes lavender and roman chamomile


Boost low mood and treat depression; includes bergamot and ylang ylang.

There are many oils which can be used to support stress and promote relaxation but here is a deep dive on three with tips on how you can use in the home…



  • Dissolves anxious feelings whilst uplifting emotions.
  • Cleanses and purifies the mind, while lowering stress levels in the body.


  • Apply 3 drops to your morning shower to start the day positively empowered
  • Dilute 2-3 drops with oil and apply to the bottoms of your feet to promote a restful night’s sleep.



  • Promotes deep relaxation, inner peace and calm.
  • Supports and rejuvenates bodily systems including immune, nervous and digestive when taken internally.


  • Diffuse 2 drops with 2 drops lavender and 2 drops bergamot.
  • Create a topical roller blend at home with; 9 drops frankincense, 12 drops lavender and 9 drops tangerine topped up with fractioned coconut oil in 10ml roller. Apply to pulse points and soles of feet.



  • Promotes relaxation and sleep due to its calming effects on the central nervous system.
  • Soothes and calms those experiencing agitation or unrest.
  • Reduces stress related tension and anxious feelings.


  • Add 2 drops to pillow to promote a restful night’s sleep.
  • Add 1 drop of lavender to 1 drop peppermint and 1 drop frankincense to your palm, rub together and inhale deeply from hands.