Blue Tansy  Tanacetum annuum


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Blue Tansy, also referred to as Moroccan Tansy, is an annual yellow-flowered Mediterranean plant found in northern Morocco. This Tansy flower has a chemical makeup your skin will crave! Chamazulene, a chemical component in Blue Tansy, gives it its characteristic indigo colour. This essential oil is also known to benefit the skin. Add to a hot bath, use with your favourite skin care products or simply massage into skin!

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Key ingredient in many doTERRA blends, including doTERRA Balance and Deep Blue. Blue Tansy’s mellow and slightly fruity scent has specific uplifting properties that help create a positive atmosphere. Along with its countless applications, Blue Tansy may provide a soothing sensation when applied to the skin.


  • Apply Blue Tansy to minor skin irritations for a soothing effect.
  • Include 1 or 2 drops in lotion for a restoring massage after a long, hard day or extreme workout.
  • Add a drop to your favourite moisturiser or cleanser and apply topically.
  • Try creating your own blends! Oils that go well with Blue Tansy include Geranium, Clary Sage, Petitgrain, Lavender, Juniper Berry, Spearmint, and Ylang Ylang.

Directions For Use

For massage, mix 5 drops with 10 ml carrier oil. For bath, mix 5 drops with 5 ml carrier oil. For perfuming, mix 1 drop to 10 drops carrier oil. For topical use only.


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your doctor if pregnant or in treatment. Avoid eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. May stain surfaces, fabrics, and skin.