Cleanse & Restore  Enrolment Kit


Cleanse and restore 30 day reset to help you regain balance and vitality. The kit includes key supplements and essential oil support to promote long life health. This kit includes a free membership subscription with us.

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Kit includes:

  • DDR Prime® Softgels – essential oil blend to support cellular health, function and renewal
  • GX Assist® – combination of essential oils and caprylic acid to help cleanse and support the digestive system
  • Lemon (15ml) – naturally cleanses and aids in digestion
  • Lifelong Vitality Pack® – essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants to promote energy, health, and vitality
  • PB Assist+® – 6 billion CFUs of 6 different strains of probiotics plus prebiotic fibre in a unique, double-layer capsule
  • TerraZyme® – blend of digestive enzymes to aid in the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients
  • ZenGest® Softgels – essential oil blend to support digestion and digestive health
  • Zendocrine® Softgels -essential oil blend to support the body’s natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substances

This kit entitles you to a free membership subscription (worth £24), lasting a year from purchase, including the following benefits;

  • Access to wholesale pricing (25% off) on all purchases
  • Access to a loyalty rewards scheme where points gained from purchases (between 10-30% on total order) can be used against future purchases
  • Access to monthly promotions including FREE product
  • A free health & wellbeing consultation with us
  • On-going expert advice and guided oil use

The kit also includes a Essentials Introductory Booklet. Inside you will find a brief description of each essential oil, the main benefits and uses, along with a sheet of cap stickers to help you better organise your essential oil collection.

Available in Vegan on request.